Vinyl Records are back

How about sales up to 6 million plus in 2013 to a 2015 forecast of over 12 million records. Vinyl record sales started climbing back up in 2007 but in 2013 it rocketed and this is just the beginning of what looks to be the vinyl ages of music again. Everyone ran to CDs in the late 80s and 90s then digital downloads ruled, but the actual vinyl record is king. Never before will you see college kids being excited on getting a 'New Release' of an album that actually came out 25-35 years ago. The re-issues of old albums have put the hip into so many older and retired bands. The only bad news on these records is the high retail price. A re-issue of a record can range from $23.99-$32.99 vs. going to a record show and buying the original release used for $3 to the $15 range.

What record store in my area?

Big box retails have gone ahead to restock shelves with vinyl record, record players and supplies. Target did a November 2014 push to grab shoppers attention with there store flyer. Other chains have announced that they too will start carrying LPs. Book stores also are getting floor space allocated for this to bring in a new crowd through there doors. Barnes and Noble has pushed there vinyl selection to be the first thing in the door plus the first table when you get to the CD and DVD section of the store. This shows that a book store is cashing in on the vinyl crazy.

Local Record Stores More Opening

Yes, this increase in sales has made it again a profitable business for people to open again. Local independent music stores are back on the Main Streets of America. You will see in 2015 even more open nationwide so check your local newspapers, internet listings and shopping malls.